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A smart home is made up of smart technologies helping you control different parts of your home.

Our products can be installed both in homes being renovated, or in the home you’re living in. Most installations won’t take more than 30 minutes.

Smart Curtains & Blinds

Style and convenience at your fingertips

Comfort Made Simple


Tired of getting up to draw your curtains and blinds? Make manually adjusting them a thing of the past with our smart curtains and blinds. Control remotely through the Koble app or via your voice assistant, this will simplify all things.


Take it a step further and schedule when you would like your curtains and blinds to be drawn! Whether it’s to tackle the scorching evening sun, or to help you wake up in the morning, curtain and blinds automation will help you get the right amount of shade and light at any time of the day, making life comfortable and easy.


Found the perfect way you’d like to have your curtains or blinds? Save this setting as a pre-set for another day with our motorised curtains and blinds, equipped with position memory capabilities for this very purpose.

Get Shaded In Style

The Way You Like It

The Smart Switch That Fits

In More Ways Than One

Customise Materials and Design to Fit Your Home

Choose from a wide variety of materials and designs for the perfect blind that fits your home. Be it roller blinds, venetian blinds or zebra blinds that you're considering, we have the right one for you. Our motorised curtain tracks can also be fitted with existing drapes of choice, giving you further customisability to match your interior design ideas.

Automates Smartly Through Smart Linkage

Automation isn't limited to just scheduling. Have your curtains and blinds be drawn in response to another smart device through smart linkage which connects your devices together.

Easily Configurable For Multi-way Control

Control your motorised curtains and blinds along with other smart devices on your phone via group control. Call up different pre-set settings to match different scenes, to create the perfect ambience for each occasion at home.

Unprecedented Flexibility

Get what you need. And exclude what you don’t.

At, we pride ourselves for offering clients maximum flexibility and value on their smart home solutions. Choose from a pre-built package below, or customize a complete smart home with exact quantities of each item you need in a package with an itemized cost.

DIY Smart Home gives you the flexibility to build your own smart home. Customize and select the smart devices you need, in exact quantities, in our simple, step-by-step process. This is a supply-only package that does not include installation and setup services. Need installation and setup? Use our quote generator.

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Miranda Snyder

I appreciate this Ouri service. It's past time that anything like this was offered for selection. With a few clicks, I can order services such as having the grass cut, the snow removed from my driveway, and many others. Utilizing for more than a year, and intend to utilize it more as they keep including residential services in their list of offers.

Harold Harrison

My very first experience was fantastic! I appreciate the prompt and carefree service I received. Test out this service without hesitation. I promise that you will be satisfied and thrilled with your purchase, just like I was

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