General Handyman Service

Give your home the attention it deserves without the wait. Whether it’s hanging artwork, setting up curtains, installing a shelf, or fitting new hardware, OURI is here to help. With competitive rates and city-wide service, we’re your go-to solution.

Booking Details:
Select from our array of add-ons, specify the number of TVs, and choose other options that cater to your requirements.

What’s Included?
Professional service: Our skilled OURI team comes equipped with all the necessary tools.
Peace of mind: Benefit from a 7-day warranty. If there’s an issue, just provide us with photo or video proof. If the issue wasn’t caused by our original service, additional charges might be necessary for revisits. And remember, any refunds due to warranty claims will not exceed your original order value.

What’s Not Included?
Parts or materials. To ensure a smooth service, have these ready before our team arrives.
Tasks deemed unsafe, illegal, or in violation of regional building codes.
HVAC or advanced electrical services are outside our purview.

Expectations from OURI:
Efficiency is key. The OURI team promises swift and thorough work based on the time package you choose.

What We Anticipate from You:
Kindly handle any reimbursements for materials or parking fees our team might encounter during service.

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