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For the best chance of securing your booking, we kindly request that you place your order at least 24 hours in advance. Please be aware that a $25 surcharge will be applied if you order within 24 hours of your preferred delivery time.

We offer two packages with our utility trailer:
* Utility Trailer + 1 Person: This package includes the assistance of one person to help with loading and unloading, along with one hour of their labor.
* Utility Trailer + 0 People: In this package, you are responsible for loading and unloading while the trailer is parked at your location.

What’s Included:
We will handle your parcel, placing it in their vehicle, and ensuring its safe delivery to your specified destination.

What’s Not Included:
We will not carry specialized tools for parcel handling. Additionally, they will only travel up to the maximum distance defined by the package you ordered. Please note that we do not handle deliveries of living creatures, dangerous items, or anything illegal.

What You Can Expect From Us:
We are committed to providing excellent and diligent service. They will promptly pick up your package and ensure it reaches the desired location as swiftly as possible.

What We Can Expect From You:
We kindly request that you reimburse any parking costs if necessary. Please ensure that all items are adequately wrapped, boxed, or protected and that they meet the size requirements specified for your chosen package. It’s important to understand that you assume liability in case of potential damages.

You will reimburse the OURIER for any parking costs if needed. You will ensure all items are sufficiently wrapped/boxed/protected and that they meet the size requirements of the package ordered. You are assuming liability in the case of possible damages. You understand that as with all companies OURI cannot completely control the individual actions of each and every person. Hence, you will not have jewelry, money, electronics, or other valuables delivered.

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