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For all your plumbing requirements, from faucet upgrades to intricate installations, clog removals, and plumbing emergencies, choose OURi. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our competitive rates and expansive service range throughout GTA.

Tools & Equipment: The OURi professionals come equipped with all necessary tools to ensure a job well done.
Warranty Assurance: Avail of a 7-day warranty with every service. In case of any hitches, provide us with pictures or videos as evidence. Should we discern the fault is ours, we’re on it. If not, there could be additional charges for the extra time.
Refund Policy: For legitimate warranty claims leading to refunds, rest assured the amount will never surpass the initial order cost.

Parts & Materials: We advise having all required parts or materials at the ready. If the OURi team needs to fetch them or await their delivery, extra costs and hourly rates will apply.
Safety & Compliance: Trust us to prioritize safety. We refrain from tasks that are unsafe, illegal, or breach regional construction norms.
Specialized Service Costs: Should you require a Certified Plumber, the rate stands at $50 for every half-hour (or $100/hour).
Expectations from OURi:
Our team is dedicated to providing a swift and meticulous service as per the purchased time package.

OURi’s Anticipation from Clients:
Please facilitate payment for any external expenses, such as necessary materials or potential parking fees. While we strive to address all plumbing issues, the results aren’t guaranteed. Regardless of the final outcome, the service charges will apply, considering the work done.

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