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Procrastinating on that painting you’ve wanted to hang? Or perhaps, it’s those curtains, a new shelf, or the hardware you’ve recently bought? Say goodbye to delays with OURi! Get instant solutions for your handyman needs at competitive rates across GTA.

Select the duration you think suits best for a shelf installation and let’s get started!

Tools on Deck: Every OURi professional arrives equipped with the essential tools to ensure the job is done perfectly.
Warranty: Benefit from a 7-day warranty on our services. For claims, provide visual proof via photos or videos. If an issue arises due to our oversight, we’ll address it; otherwise, additional charges for our time may apply.
Refund Policy: For valid warranty claims leading to refunds, the refunded amount will always be within the original order’s limits.

Materials & Parts: We expect you to have all required materials or parts on hand when our team arrives. If we need to fetch or await delivery of any item, additional costs, including hourly rates, will apply.
Safety & Compliance: Count on us to prioritize your safety. We abstain from tasks that may be unsafe, illicit, or breach regional codes. Moreover, HVAC and advanced electrical tasks are not on our list.

Expectations from OURi:
We promise a swift, efficient, and meticulous job for the duration you choose.

OURi’s Expectation from You:
Please cover any extra expenses, such as certain materials or potential parking tickets. Your cooperation ensures a smooth service experience.

You will reimburse the OURIER for any materials or parking tickets needed to complete your job and access your home.

Shelf Installation


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