Lawn Mowing & Trimming

Choose OURI for your lawn care needs! The OURIER will cut and trim your grass using their equipment!. We offer affordable rates, convenient and secure on-demand services throughout GTA.
Our lawn mowing packages depend on your lot size. Please choose the appropriate package that reflects your lot size

Small Lot – Up to 4000 Square Feet Lot Size (Approx 40’x100′)
Medium Lot – Up to 5500 Square Feet Lot (Approx 50’x110′)
Large Lot – Up to 6500 Square Feet Lot (Approx 60’x110′)
Extra Large Lot – Up to 9000 Square Feet Lot (Approx 75’x125′)
2x Extra Large Lot – Up to 10500 Square Feet Lot (Approx 90’x120′)

Please choose the appropriate grass height above. You must choose the grass height if your grass height is above 6 inches or more. Otherwise leave it, 2-6 Inches in height.

The OURIER will mow and trim your lawn.
* For grass over 6 inches additional charges will apply. Please select the appropriate add-ons.

The OURIER will not perform mowing services if the package that is ordered does not reflect the actual size of your lawn (you will still be charged for their time).

* The OURIER will not do gardening or landscaping of any sort.
* The OURIER will not perform hedge trimming.
* The OURIER will not spray your weeds with any weed remover solutions.
* The OURIER will not take any lawn debris with them.
* For grass over 6 inches, but under 12 inches, an additional charge of $10 – $30 will apply (for grass over 12 inches, additional charges may apply).

* The OURIER will strive to provide an excellent and diligent service.
* The OURIER will mow and trim your lawn.
* The OURIER will bring their lawnmower and lawn trimmer.
* The OURI will arrive within a range of 3 hours from the start time indicated when the job is accepted (you do not need to be home, as long as the Diemer can access your lawn).

The package you ordered is accurate and reflects the size of your lawn.

* The OURIER can easily access your yard.
* You will not ask the OURIER to do anything unsafe.
* You are assuming liability in the case of possible damages.
* You will reimburse the OURIER for any parking tickets needed to access your home.

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