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A new paint job can breathe life into any space, providing an instant facelift to your interiors. At OURI, we offer top-tier painting services, making it easy for you to refresh a room or your entire home. Avail our competitive rates and experience unmatched services throughout the GTA.

Choose Your Painting Package: We provide customized packages, whether it’s for a specific room or your entire home.

What’s Included?
Professional Equipment: Our OURI team comes prepared with rollers, brushes, and all essential tools.
Size Limitations:
Room: Up to 15’x15’ or 225 square feet.
Full-Floor: Maximum 1750 square feet.
Entire House: Up to 3500 square feet, limited to two floors.

What’s Not Included?
Furniture Movement: Ensure all furniture is moved away from walls; our team won’t be moving any.
Paint: We’ll need you to supply the paint.
Exclusions: Closets, doors, and trims are not part of the basic package. However, door and trim painting can be added as an extended service.
Safety: Our team prioritizes safety and will not undertake risky tasks.
Your Experience with OURI:
Anticipate a rapid and meticulous paint job tailored to the package you select.

OURI’s Expectation:
Please be prepared to cover any additional expenses such as paint or parking fees. We’re dedicated to transforming your spaces seamlessly and efficiently.

You will reimburse the OURIER for any materials/paint cans or parking tickets needed to complete your job and access your home.

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