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From simple faucet upgrades to handling plumbing disasters, Ouri team is your go-to solution. Benefit from our expert services at affordable rates.

Faucet Replacement Package:
Ensure you have the replacement faucet that matches the size of the original.

What’s Included?
Ouri team will come equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done.
A 7-day warranty period is provided. For warranty claims, please provide evidence in the form of photos and videos. If a subsequent visit determines that the issue wasn’t caused by the initial service, additional charges will apply. In case of a warranted refund, the amount won’t exceed the initial order value.

What’s Not Included?
Parts or materials for your task. Please have everything ready before Ouri team’s arrival.
Any costs or time incurred if the team has to procure materials or wait for you to get them. This time is billed at standard hourly rates plus any additional costs.
Work that’s deemed unsafe, illegal, or against building and construction regulations.
Additional time with a Certified Plumber is billed at $100/hour ($50 per half-hour).

Expectations from Ouri Team:
Efficient and dedicated service for the duration of your chosen package.

What We Expect from You:
Reimbursement for any materials procured or parking fees incurred during the service.
Full payment for services rendered, regardless of the outcome, since work was performed.

Faucet replacement


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