General Handyman Service

Labor to install a door with favorable site conditions.

* Measure, trim and plane door to fit existing door jamb.
* Mark and mortise hinge locations.
* Install hinges.
* Fabricate holes, mortises for door handle set and jamb strike plate.
* Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.

door repair
door restoration
door paint
door adjustment
door installation
door replacement
door assembly
door hardware replacement
door frame repair
door frame restoration
door frame paint
door frame adjustment
door frame installation
door frame replacement
door frame assembly
door frame hardware replacement
door jamb repair
door jamb restoration
door jamb paint
door jamb adjustment
door jamb installation
door jamb replacement
door jamb assembly
door jamb hardware replacement
door frame trim molding repair
door frame trim molding restoration
door frame trim molding paint
door frame trim molding adjustment
door frame trim molding installation
door frame trim molding replacement
door frame trim molding assembly
exterior doors repair
exterior doors restoration
exterior doors paint
exterior doors adjustment
exterior doors installation
exterior doors replacement
exterior doors assembly
exterior doors hardware replacement
interior doors repair
interior doors restoration
interior doors paint
interior doors adjustment
interior doors installation
interior doors replacement
interior doors assembly
interior doors hardware replacement
closet doors repair
closet doors restoration
closet doors paint
closet doors adjustment
closet doors installation
closet doors replacement
closet doors assembly
closet doors hardware replacement
sliding doors repair
sliding doors restoration
sliding doors paint
sliding doors adjustment
sliding doors installation
sliding doors replacement
sliding doors assembly
sliding doors hardware replacement
pocket doors repair
pocket doors restoration
pocket doors paint
pocket doors adjustment
pocket doors installation
pocket doors replacement
pocket doors assembly
pocket doors hardware replacement
entry doors repair
entry doors restoration
entry doors paint
entry doors adjustment
entry doors installation
entry doors replacement
entry doors assembly
entry doors hardware replacement
bifold doors repair
bifold doors restoration
bifold doors paint
bifold doors adjustment
bifold doors installation
bifold doors replacement
bifold doors assembly
bifold doors hardware replacement
pantry door repair
pantry door restoration
pantry door paint
pantry door adjustment
pantry door installation
pantry door replacement
pantry door assembly
pantry door hardware replacement
bedroom doors repair
bedroom doors restoration
bedroom doors paint
bedroom doors adjustment
bedroom doors installation
bedroom doors replacement
bedroom doors assembly
bedroom doors hardware replacement
bathroom door repair
bathroom door restoration
bathroom door paint
bathroom door adjustment
bathroom door installation
bathroom door replacement
bathroom door assembly
bathroom door hardware replacement
folding doors repair
folding doors restoration
folding doors paint
folding doors adjustment
folding doors installation
folding doors replacement
folding doors assembly
folding doors hardware replacement
folding doors exterior french doors repair
folding doors restoration
folding doors paint
folding doors adjustment
folding doors installation
folding doors replacement
folding doors assembly
folding doors hardware replacement
interior french doors repair
interior french doors restoration
interior french doors paint
interior french doors adjustment
interior french doors installation
interior french doors replacement
interior french doors assembly
interior french doors hardware replacement
sliding patio doors repair
sliding patio doors restoration
sliding patio doors paint
sliding patio doors adjustment
sliding patio doors installation
sliding patio doors replacement
sliding patio doors assembly
sliding patio doors hardware replacement
wood screen doors repair
wood screen doors restoration
wood screen doors paint
wood screen doors adjustment
wood screen doors installation
wood screen doors replacement
wood screen doors assembly
wood screen doors hardware replacement
wooden front doors repair
wooden front doors restoration
wooden front doors paint
wooden front doors adjustment
wooden front doors installation
wooden front doors replacement
wooden front doors assembly
wooden front doors hardware replacement
prehung interior doors repair
prehung interior doors restoration
prehung interior doors paint
prehung interior doors adjustment
prehung interior doors installation
prehung interior doors replacement
prehung interior doors assembly
prehung interior doors hardware replacement
prehung door repair
prehung door restoration
prehung door paint
prehung door adjustment
prehung door installation
prehung door replacement
prehung door assembly
prehung door hardware replacement
front entry door repair
front entry door restoration
front entry door paint
front entry door adjustment
front entry door installation
front entry door replacement
front entry door assembly
front entry door hardware replacement
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